The Motorcycle Portraits

by David Goldman

The Motorcycle Portraits

The people seen here are builders, racers, riders and collectors. Mostly though, they are individuals whose lives have been profoundly affected by motorcycles.  Each photo includes an audio interview. Click on the thumbnail to reveal the full image then click on the small blue or red microphone icon on the bottom right corner to hear the interview. The images display a map and GPS coordinates of the exact location and time that the subject was photographed.

Nick Rafael Acosta

Anya Violet Aghababian

Herman Agopian

Chuck Ainlay

Brett Anderson

Kit Axelson

Tim Burke

Andrew Campo

Dan Cogdell

Matias Corea

Kenny Cummings

Pete Day

Hugo Eccles

Michael Erland

Yaniv Evan

Brandan Glanville

William Gloege

Sinje Gottwald

Doug Gressett & Crow

Megan Griffiths

Will Guyan

Bobby Haas

Scot Harden

Nicholas Harrison

Max Hazan

Spencer Hill

Thomas J. Marquardt

Andy Jacobson

Jessie Jobst

Jake Jones

Shinya Kimura

Dustin Kott

Michael LaFountain

Abbie Leigh

Lyle Lovett

Nathan Mende

Maynard Mills

Larry Murray

Ashley Myhre

JT Nesbitt

Klaus Nienkamper

Jack Penton

Dante Piacenza

Spencer Platt

Natalia Plutowska

Alex Puls

Arthur Robinson II

Paul Rodden

Paulo Rosas

Kerry Sano

Kevin Schwantz

Elliott & Brandon Scott

Walt Siegl

Bobbe Singh

Vijay Singh

Niki Smart

Jocelin Snow

Glenn Stasky

Ryan Stewart

Noah Stone

Alan Stulberg

Robb Talbott

Bret Tkacs

Lauren Trantham

Woody Witte

Ivan Yelusich